Annual Meeting and Minutes

The 2012 annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology (ASC) Division of Developmental and Life Course Criminology was held at the ASC conference in Chicago. The minutes of that meeting are shown below.

Division of Developmental and Life Course Criminology of the American Society of Criminology

Minutes of Open Meeting at ASC, November 16, 2012

1. Welcome

David Farrington (chair) welcomed all attendees and noted that we need to work on deciding how to move forward the new Division of Developmental and Life Course Criminology.

Items that need urgent attention (not listed in order of priority) include:

  1. the need for an interim Executive Board until there are paid members and an election can be held
  2. the formation of papers/panels by Division members for the Stockholm Symposium (Tara will arrange panels)
  3. the development of promotional materials and events for the 2013 ASC conference
  4. the organization of a Division booth for the 2013 ASC conference and volunteers to be at the booth

2. Apologies

Leena K. Augimeri, Karl G. Hill, Francis Cullen, Susan Dennison, Paul Mazerolle, Robert Sampson, Abigail Fagan, Santiago Redondo, Stephen Farrall, Sytske Besemer, Sarah van Mastrigt, Marianne Junger, Klaus Boers, Sarah Bennett, Georgia Zara, Catrien Bijleveld, Irvin Waller, Hans-Juergen Kerner.

3. ASC executive board decision on DLC

The American Society of Criminology Executive Board approved the establishment of the a Division of Developmental and Life Course Criminology at their meeting on Tuesday, 13 Nov, 2012. This was based on a proposal that was submitted to the Executive by David Farrington and Tara McGee. The submission contained a letter to the Executive, the proposed Division constitution, and 80 letters (emails) from prospective Division members (full ASC members) petitioning for the establishment of the Division.

4. DLC constitution

The constitution was submitted to the ASC Executive and approved. The constitution is available on the About Us page.  A PDF version of the constitution is available by clicking here.

5. DLC executive board

The interim Executive Board of the Division was established (to serve until the next ASC meeting in November 2013)

Chair: David Farrington (chair, awards committee)

Vice chair: Tom Arnold (website and chair, newsletter committee)

Secretary and Treasurer: Tara Renae McGee

Past chair: Adrian Raine

Executive counsellors:

1)     Joanne Savage (chair, programme committee)

2)     Arjan Blokland (chair, membership committee)

3)     Jesse Cale (chair, nominations committee)

ASC Executive Board Liaison: Lisa Broidy

Postgraduate representative: Christoffer Carlsson (co-opted in the DLC Executive Board meeting)

6. Upcoming events

There are a number of upcoming events at which it would be good to have representation of the Division:

  • ACJS conference, Dallas, March 2013
  • Stockholm Criminology Symposium, 10-12 June 2013
  • ASA conference, New York, 10-13 August 2013
  • ESC conference, Budapest, September 2013
  • ANZSOC conference & DLC workshop in Brisbane, 1-3 & 4 Oct 2013
  • ASC conference in Atlanta, Nov 2013

7. Other items for discussion 

  1. Adrian Raine raised the proposal to establish a journal of the Division that specialises in Developmental and Life Course Criminology. David Farrington noted that when this was raised previously, it seemed that it was too controversial and that the feedback was that DLC criminologists should be submitting their work to generalist journals. It was decided that Adrian Raine, in his capacity as Past Chair, would explore the possibility of establishing a new journal. People were happy with the journal being ‘green’ but not open access. It was suggested that the criminology designation should be dropped from the journal but it was decided that ‘criminology’ was an important part of the division and so it would remain.
  2. Rolf Loeber raised the possibility to have an education and training committee of the Division. Linked to this was discussion on the possibility of having methods panels in the program focusing on methods to analyze developmental and life course data.
  3. Rolf Loeber raised the issue of whether all papers submitted to the ASC should be accepted. David Farrington said that unless the paper was ‘obviously mad’ it would be accepted into the program. It was suggested that there might be a featured session; this would need to be discussed in the ASC program committee.
  4. It was proposed to have a Student Affairs Committee.
  5. The interim Executive Board needs to conduct an election, probably in the summer of 2013 when a reasonable number of members have joined the DLC, for the first official Executive Board that will take office at the ASC in November 2013.

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