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Would you like to join the American Society of Criminology (ASC) Division of Developmental and Life Course Criminoloigy (DLC)?

To join, you need to be a member of the ASC.  When you sign up, be sure to check the box that says “Division of Developmental and Life Course Criminology.”

To learn more about the ASC, click here

To join the ASC and become a member of the DLC division click here

Some guidelines for DLC Division membership:

1. You cannot be a member of the DLC Division and without being a member of the ASC. DLC Division memberships are concurrent with the ASC membership.

2. Active member & student memberships must match. (For example: you cannot join the ASC as an active member and then join as a student with your DLC Division membership.)

3. The Division of DLC membership has a 1 year join fee and you can only join for one year at a time. The exception to this is if you submit a three year ASC membership form and simultaneously join the DLC Division for 3 years to match up.

4. The ASC office will send renewal memberships out January for those that need to renew with ASC; the DLC Division will be on the form. The ASC will also send out a Division only form to those that are already members so they can have the option to join any available divisions.

5. All fees to join must come with a form. Fees are to be given to the ASC office not to the division. The ASC needs the paper trail and forms and money need to go directly to them. Payments can be made in the form of checks/cheques in US funds and credit card. Cash at the meeting only.

6. An ASC member can join the DLC Division at any time during the year. You must get a printer friendly form from the ASC website and send it in to join a division mid-year. Division only memberships cannot be processed online.

7. Anyone can join ASC. The student status is on an honor roll system with ASC and does require proof unless the student is an active member and wants to register for the meeting as a student. Active memberships cannot be changed to student memberships.

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