Links to Longitudinal Studies

Australian Temperament Project
Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children
Brazilian longitudinal studies
British Cohort Study
California Youth Authority Parolees
Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development
Chicago Youth Development Study
Christchurch Health and Development Study
Columbia County Longitudinal Study
Denver Youth Study
Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Human Development Study
Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime
Glueck Study of Juvenile Delinquency
Great Smokey Mountains Study
Development and Adaptation
International Youth Development Study
Jyväskylä Longitudinal Study
Kaplan’s Longitudinal and Multigenerational Study
Kauai Longitudinal Study
Longitudinal Study of Young People in England
Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth
Marion County Youth Study
Mater University Study of Pregnancy
Mauritius Child Health Project
MMPI Longitudinal Study
Montreal Longitudinal Experimental Study
Child Development Study
National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health
National Longitudinal Study of Youth – 1979
National Longitudinal Study of Youth – 1997
National Survey of Health and Development
New York Longitudinal Study
Newcastle Thousand Family Study
Pathways to Desistance Study
Peterborough Adolescent & Young Adult Development Study
Philadelphia Birth Cohort – 1945
Philadelphia Birth Cohort – 1958
Pittsburgh Youth Study
Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods
Oregon Youth Study
Quebec Longitudinal Study of Childhood Developmen
Rochester Youth Development Study
Rutgers Health and Human Development Project
Seattle Social Development Project
Woodlawn Project

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